Consumer behavior of old spice

Old Spice Swagger Consumer Insights

They could integrate all contests, responses, product-lines and ecommerce into an Old Spice application. People love checking in, posting photos and letting friends know where they are.

The challenge for content marketers is to make sure the entertainment value of their content is engaging and valuable, reducing the friction between the branding message and the audience.

The importance of women in the rejuvenation of Old Spice was evident in the Old Spice commercials. Purchasers of Old Spice are likely then, to be of either gender, probably in the demographic, and somewhere in the middle class range. For Old Spice, they invoke this attitude to sway women to consume this product because their man smells either incorrectly feminine or generally poorly and Old Spice products can fix that.

That is not to say that they try to avoid this kind of purchaser; it is that they focus on consumers that put consideration into their consumption practices and do not rely on factors like convenience, price, and function. This could be anything from a shout-out to a mother, congratulations, a self-approval statement or a marriage proposal.

Social media is about interacting on a personal level, while simultaneously being able to reach a familiar or unfamiliar local and global audience. Social media is a way to unleash creativity, receive feedback and build an image.

Within a week, the campaign harvested more than 40 million YouTube views. This campaign would attract attention and the goal would be to serve a greater purpose.

Old Spice Consumer Insights

Old Spice lacked a long-term strategy to reap the benefits from the success that was not in sales growth but what could become a long-term relationship with their consumers.

A significant part of the success generated was owed to the excellent acting of the former football-player Isaiah Mustafa. The campaign gained a huge amount of affection, creating uniquely passionate and loyal fans across the nation.

The campaign was carefully targeted to environments and channels where couples where likely to watch the advertisement together. Having an icon for the campaign made the campaign very successful.

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The videos would be uploaded to Vine and people would vote for a winner in every city. Old Spice would nominate five girls and fans would vote for a winner on Facebook.

However, Old Spice officially concluded the campaign by posting a farewell YouTube video in July By waiting a whole year to launch a new campaign it would require an entirely new strategy and budget to reengage the once passionate fans.

It would also satisfy digital natives hunger for recognition by giving them the thrill of attention beyond their community and create nationwide buzz for Old Spice through social media and media in general.

Case Study: Old Spice Response Campaign

This initiative would also give them an opportunity to publicly appreciate their devoted female fans. The winner would receive a significant money prize in addition to having their song featured as theme song in their new commercial. In the short-run, the Old Spice campaign was a huge success and became a flagship within social media marketing.

See Old Spice consumer demographics such as age, income, education and ethnicity. Plus purchase behaviors such as basket size, shopping trip time, and brand affinity With overusers submitting their receipts through our suite of mobile apps, we help you better understand consumer behavior across all channels.

Every Type of Shopper. Do you really want to delete this prezi? Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Delete Cancel. Old Spice Swagger Consumer Insights Understand Old Spice Swagger Consumer Behavior.

Leading brands and retailers use our consumer and shopper insights data to increase ROI, retain shoppers and consumers, find new opportunities, and more. Understand My Consumers. The makers of Old Spice have pulled off a cheap and quick marketing coup that could change the way consumer products are promoted.

In the past few days, the deodorant company invited social-media. Consumer is buying the product old spice on the basis of - BRAND Consumer has always preferred to the branded product for Personal Care, Old Spice brand is a very good choice because it comes under the house of Procter & Gamble (P&G).

Transcript of Consumer Behavior Assignment.

Case Study: Old Spice Response Campaign

C o nsumer Behavi o r Assignment Submitted to: Dr. Koritos Christos How classical conditioning works for Old Spice Ad, The unconditioned stimulus: The old spice Guy and his adventurous lifestyle What caught consumer Attention in the case of OLD SPICE?

Consumer behavior of old spice
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