Pumpkin writing activity with picture

Ask students to describe differences among the pumpkins. I just picked ones that would be easily recognizable to our kids.

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I think they turned out pretty cute. This lesson includes printable activities: Let your children take turns fishing for fish with the number 4 on them. Find out how students celebrate Halloween in their own country or if they have a similar festival.

Activity Bank

I cried out for rescue but my kin remained silent and unmoving, perhaps fearing similar fate. Ask students to consider the questions from Step 2 as they listen.

I then send them to their tables to do this activity independently. Pull out an unfamiliar book and sit down somewhere comfortable with your child.

Once they retell the story with friends at school they can take it home for so much more fun and retelling practice. Now we need to label the stages of the lifecycle.

Printable Pumpkin Writing Paper – Portrait with Simple Lines

My home began to fade in the distance. Before the Lesson Gather pumpkins of various sizes. Were their predictions correct. Wrap Up 10 minutes When the students have finished their sequencing activity we gather back on the carpet.

Lesson plan summary Write the following on the board and ask students to suggest words that could fill the gap: Ask your child what the picture makes him think of. Then you can wrap them. Tell students that it contains some important words from the story.

If it works better for you, orange circular counters would be great too. Can you find them all. Draw or glue pictures on large index cards. Students trace the dotted numbers from 5 to We used pom poms to complete our patterns, but colored circle markers would work as well.

Will you make a jack-o-lantern out of a pumpkin this year. And I write their answers on the circle map. Hello In the beginning, my life was peaceful: Note that some of the language in the story is quite grotesque e. Let students share their ideas.

Works with numbers. Transforming media into collaborative spaces with video, voice, and text commenting. Make and test predictions about pumpkins in this hands-on activity.

*Roll and Color the Turkey- Roll two dice, add them up and color the turkey. *Color by Sight Word- Use the color code to color the picture using the following 1st Grade Sight Words: ask, could, some, thank.

For the writing piece of this lesson, my students will be sequencing and labeling the lifecycle of the pumpkin. I will use the same pictures as my students to model the sequencing activity. Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins A Thematic Unit By Anson H. Baker Deborah Cooley Kristin Pingel and do a paired sequencing activity.

Pumpkin Preschool Activities

• Lesson 2: Pumpkin Pumpkin Sequencing- Students will read Pumpkin Pumpkin, tell the story in their own words, and Pumpkin shape writing booklets PROCEDURE. In this writing activity, the students are asked to write out the solution that the characters came up with to get the pumpkin off the vine!

The students will then draw a picture of the characters acting out the solu.

Pumpkin writing activity with picture
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